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Staff Directory

Contact Jenny Adams  Jenny Adams Principal
Transitional Kindergarten
Contact Scott Boen  Scott Boen Teacher
Transitional Kindergarten/Kindergarten
Contact Lorrie Brown  Lorrie Brown Teacher
1st Grade
1st Grade
Contact Deborah Page  Deborah Page Teacher
3rd Grade
Contact Aimee Gibb  Aimee Gibb Teacher
4th Grade
Contact Amy Reed  Amy Reed Teacher
5th/6th Grade
Contact Imetra Joiner  Imetra Joiner Teacher
5th/6th Grade
Contact Jaime Martin  Jaime Martin Teacher
5th/6th Grade
Contact Barbara Carlson  Barbara Carlson Teacher
Specialized Academic Instruction Support
Contact Lindsey McAllister  Lindsey McAllister Teacher
Speech and Language
Intervention Teacher on Special Assignment
Contact Jessica Rodriguez  Jessica Rodriguez Teacher
Office Manager
Contact Rosie Bister  Rosie Bister Staff
Health Assistant/Attendance
District Nurse
Contact Christin Frazier  Christin Frazier Staff
Contact Donny Sevilla  Donny Sevilla Staff
Food Services
Contact Cece Hinshaw  Cece Hinshaw Staff
Contact Denise Welden  Denise Welden Staff
RtI Specialist
Contact Kathleen Darchuck  Kathleen Darchuck Staff
Library/Media Specialist
Contact Connie McIntyre  Connie McIntyre Staff
Contact Theresa Caravalho  Theresa Caravalho Staff
Contact Valorie Fredrick  Valorie Fredrick Staff
Physical Education
Contact Sylvia Sambrano  Sylvia Sambrano Staff
Contact Jackie Killam  Jackie Killam Staff
Contact Gladys Quiroga  Gladys Quiroga Staff