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Computer and Technology



The students are learning to use the iPads in various ways. Not only are they using apps, but they are creating content and sharing with each other and other students from other schools.  They are also taking the iPads on field trips and, through the use of various applications, recording information to share. 

Movies are in flash format and may not play on all devices (i.e iPads, iphones and some tablets)

Day in the LIfe of Room 2 as Photographed by the TK's with the iPad. they shared the movie with our sister school in New Jersey and New Jersey shared theirs with us.


Media Club is held on Wednesdays after school.  The students work independently on projects from coding, animation to movie making.Some learn how to code and make video games and animation through tutorials, exploring and helping each other.  Others write scripts, storyboard, direct, film and edit. It is a great experience for the student to learn confidence, independence and team work.  

Video Games

Using Scratch or Splodder coding program, the students created these video games.  Learning to code the simplest of movements can take several coding steps.  Learning to write code requires strategy and critical thinking skills.  

Video games and movies are in flash format and may not play on all devices. (i.e. iPads, iPhones and some tablets)

RUN AWAY! by Monty


The Chaser by Miguel

Please close the advertisement to get to Miguel's game

Storm Trooper Clickers by Josh W.



Animation, like creating video games, requires coding skills as well as drawing skills with a mouse or skill pen  Not an easy task.  

Homestuck Animation by Elisia


When You First See homestuck by Elisia


Karkat by Naomi


Kitty Sugar Rush by Julian


Pac (Wait for it to change) Man by Justin


Movie Making

Creating a movie starts with an idea, then, a script is written.  Next, storyboarding, which helps to decide which scenes will be filmed when and where and position of the camera.  The actors are gathered, director gives direction and scenes are filmed.  Then the hard work begins.  Editing is time consuming, intensive and, the end result, rewarding.

Whoos News

Epic Fail Contest by Julian