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Room 1 Jaguars are kind friends, hard workers, good listeners, and awesome learners!

Deborah Page Locker

Deborah Page

Learning Objectives: Month of May

  • Reading:   segment/blend C-V-C, C-C-V-C and C-C-V-CC words,  read two-syllable words, such as words with -ing and compound words; NEW: recognize words that change, such as with inflectional endings; recognize root words and affixes. Recognize words at sight. Read to gather information.
    • Read to form an opinion. Identify the main topic and retell key details; make text to self connections; tune in to interesting words; flip the sound and use context clues. NEW: Identify author's purpose  based on supporting details: to persuade, inform, or entertain.
    • NEW: Students will practice demonstrating comprehension by reading AR (Accelerated Reader) books and taking online quizzes. This does not preclude reading and enjoying other books that are not on the AR list.
  • Writing:  NEW: Develop an opinion on a topic with main idea, supporting reasons, and conclusion.
  • Thinking Maps:  Circle Map (define), partial Multilflow Map (Cause/Effect), Double Bubble (compare/contrast); Brace Map (parts of something); Tree Map (used for various purposes).
  • Reading Foundations: see Word Work, below. Use print sources to spell correctly.  NEW: Use Thinking Maps to organize thoughts for writing.
  • Language: demonstrate command of standard English grammar when writing and speaking; explain thinking aloud to various audiences (whole class, partners).  Use describing words to enliven discussions. Use verb tenses to identify common verb forms for past, present, future.
  • Math:  use CGI (Cognitively Guided Instruction) to solve word problems;  Continued: Compare numbers using greater than, less than, and equals in a variety of ways; NEW: mentally add 10 more or subtract 10 less without counting; add a two digit number to a one digit number; add digit numbers to multiples of 10. NEW:  Use various forms of measurement including inch rulers; use rulers to draw and develop Thinking Maps; recognize which measurement tools are suitable for which purposes.
  • Biome & Science Studies:  Rainforest Habitat and Animals. Culminating Trip: Rainforest exhibit at LA Zoo!
  • Social Studies: Verbal Defense: learn strategies to be strong and centered in general and in the face of bullying; develop stamina for being respectful and on task in various situations

Word Work for Week of 5/4 - 5/8: Repeat of last week's word work for those who did not master it: VCV and VVCV double final consonant when adding -ed and -ing.  No Word Word for Hawks. Instead those not doing Word Work will be reading AR books.

High Frequency Words (HFWs)  Please review all of the 100 First Grade Sight Words sent home at the beginning of the year. One way to practice them is to Rainbow Write them. Ask your child, they should know how to do it.

Daily Five/Homework Cafe Menu: Determine author's purpose and support with text evidence: Inform, Entertain, and Persuade.




• 5/5    First Grade Rainforest Biome Field Trip:  LA Zoo

• 5/6    Spring Sing: Family Picnic and Students' Musical Performances  


 Room 1 students really enjoyed learning all about Verbal Defense.  We are continuing to use what we have learned and I have seen a noticeable difference in their level of respect and focus!