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Oakmont's Library is engaging children and encouraging their interest in reading.

Accelerated Reader

What is Accelerated Reader (AR)?
AR is a computer program that helps teachers and librarians manage and monitor children’s independent reading practice.
Your child picks a book at his own level and reads it at his own pace. When fi nished, your child takes a short quiz on the
computer. (Passing the quiz is an indication that your child understood what was read.) AR gives children, teachers, and
librarians feedback based on the quiz results, which the teacher or
librarian then uses to help your child set goals and direct ongoing
reading practice.

California Young Reader

Connie McIntyre, Librarian

Oakmont Outdoor School

120 W. Green St.

Claremont, CA 91711

Phone: 909-398-3013 ext. 54004

Fax: 909-625-8463


Author visit: Toni Runkle and Stephen Webb

Author Visit: Soman Chainani
author visit 4/15/2014