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Aimee Gibb Locker
9/30/18 7:32 PM
9/15/18 4:00 PM
9/15/18 4:00 PM

Classroom Wish List


Clorox Wipes

paper towels

baby wipes

whiteboard markers

hand soap


The AVID Binder


 AVID is a college readiness program that teaches students to be organized, and prepared for learning. We are an AVID classroom and will put these skills into practice daily. In order to be organized, I will need you to have the following materials ready for the year. Please have these items by September 7th:


  • Binder 2'' or larger
  • 5 pocket dividers
  • 5 clear protective sheets
  • Pencil Pouch
  • Pencils
  • Eraser
  • 1-2 highlighter(s) any color
  • 1-2 pen(s) any color
  • stylus
  • 2 spiral notebooks
  • Ear buds or headphones

Students will be evaluated on their organizational skills every semester.


Aimee Gibb

What are we learning in the 3rd/4th combo?

Month of Jan/Feb


  • Growth Mindset/Class procedures/New Playground: We are ringing in the New Year by going back over class procedures, as well as reviewing our school wide rules of kindness, integrity, and responsibility. I will be having weekly classroom meetings to review how we are demonstrating this both inside and outside of the classroom. I will introduce a new plan for rewards as well. We will also be discussing the Growth Mindset again, placing an emphasis on how we deal with mistakes. I will be reading a story about this, and we will do activities on it for the first few days that we are back. I also received my giant " Peace Path" for the classroom floor. We will go back over how we handle conflict with one another. "Peace Path" is now being implemented school wide. The new playground will be open. Ms. Adams would like to explain procedures to them on the first day back.
  • English--Informational Writing---Paragraph structure/Thesis statements/grammar ( Both Grade levels)
  • 4th Grade: We are reading the novel, By the Great Horn Spoon.  
  • 3rd grade is reading, Sarah Plain and Tall.  Both grade levels will be working in Unit 3 of Wonders. All comprehension will be aligned to common core standards for those grade levels. Guided reading groups will continue for extra support. Spelling instruction will continue--I apologize for getting a bit off track, due to illness and writing instruction. 
  • Math--We will continue to review standards taught in the first trimester. Both grade levels will be focusing on division and equal share problems. Please continue to support multiplication at home.
  • Science--We have been studying units on energy and fossils. We incorporated this into writing, and used Mystery Science for STEM support. For biome study, 4th grade will work on the Sahara desert, and 3rd grade will be studying the Savanna. This will lend itself well to talking about the country of Africa, and its culture. 
  • History--3rd grade is wrapping up projects on historical Claremont. They have been assigned different parts of Claremont to research and they created a green screen. We will be talking about local Native American Tribes, and I will assign a project for this. They will have a field trip in February to Pomona College Native American Museum. It is quite spectacular. 
  • 4th Grade---We are wrapping up our discussion of early CA exploration. They were assigned an explorer to research, and created tech projects. I will be assigning projects on the CA missions.  The fourth grade field trip will be an overnighter to the desert. 
  • * If this page is not up to date, please feel free to inform me, and I will update what we are covering.
  • As you can see, we are a very hard working class:-)





Important Events/News


February: 3rd Grade Field Trip to Pomona College ( exact date to TBA, along with rotation time)

Recommended Reading Lists for Grades 3-5



If you want to use the traditional reading log, to help keep track of your minutes, here is a link:


The use of the reading log is optional.

Can my child have a classroom party?



We have decided, as a school, to have " non-food" item celebrations. This is due to allergies, and other health related issues, in our classrooms. Please contact the teacher if you need some ideas. Thank you for supporting us.


Mrs. Gibb